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Edmonton, CA., June, 2019 -- The board of directors of Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Aurora Cannabis continues to remained disciplined and committed to long-term growth

About Aurora Cannabis Inc

Aurora Cannabis Inc (ACB), headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, The Company is vertically integrated and horizontally diversified across every key segment of the value chain, from facility engineering, and design to cannabis breeding and genetics research, cannabis and hemp production, derivatives, and home cultivation.

Based upon a lot of commentary I hear about a number of deals and decisions management of Aurora Cannabis (ACB) has made, it's apparent many pundits and commentators base much of their outlook on what the general impact on the performance of the company will be in the short term, rather than the value of acquisitions and partnerships over the long haul.

As a matter of fact, many times what it doesn't do is more important than what it does. That's why it doesn't bother me at all that it hasn't been more aggressive in the recreational cannabis market in Canada and other markets. It would generate more revenue in the short term, but it would weigh on the company further out.

It's also why I like the discipline it has shown in relationship to CBD, which is being hyped by the media at this time. Aurora management, especially in regard to cannabis-infused drinks, isn't convinced it's going to be as large and lucrative as is being currently portrayed in the media.

With that in mind, in this article we'll look at why the focus of Aurora Cannabis on the medical and international markets is the correct strategy in the pot industry, and why those looking for it to act like Canopy Growth are wrong.