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When we contemplate our financial future, decision making takes on added importance. After you retire, you are ready to enjoy the wealth you've accumulated. And not worrying about your finances is critical to having a life both now and in the future that fulfills your highest aspirations. That is why many people seek a trusted advisor with the expertise, experience and commitment to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

At The Alberto Marco Group we take the responsibility and trust our clients place in us very seriously.

• By thoroughly analyzing each client's financial situation, we create an individualized, personal financial plan with the goal of leaving no aspect of his or her financial future to chance.

• We believe that while successful long term investing is a simple process, it is not easy. To insure implementation of a prudent, disciplined strategy, each client's investment portfolio is governed by a written investment policy statement.

• Because a plan is only as good as its implementation, we continue to work closely with each client after delivery of their financial plan to make sure recommendations are followed and adjustments are made as needed.

• We strive to provide each client with the highest level of service and personalized attention. As a result, we realize that we cannot be all things to all people and have committed to limiting our practice to an appropriate number of families.

The achievement of ones financial goals requires discipline, patience and a sound financial plan. Our financial planning process is composed of six steps: 1) Initial Interview, 2) Information Gathering and Assessment, 3) Analysis and Plan Preparation, 4) Plan Presentation, 5) Plan Implementation, and 6) On Going Wealth Management.

Step 1: Initial Interview

The purpose of the initial interview is twofold; to provide valuable perspective on your current financial condition and to define the scope of the engagement. After a discussion of your values, short and long term goals and current financial situation, our service is discussed and, if appropriate, an individualized fee is determined for the development of your financial plan.

Step 2: Information Gathering and Assessment

At the second meeting, your financial documents (tax returns, investment and retirement plan statements, insurance policies, loan documents, wills, trust, etc.) are verified and scanned. An assessment is made of your current financial status and financial goals are reviewed.

Step 3: Analysis and Plan Preparation

Using our Wealth Management Assessment, your current financial status is scored and a personalized benchmark is created for the measurement of future progress. A detailed, comprehensive analysis of your financial situation is performed, financial strategies are considered, recommendations developed and a financial plan is written.

Step 4: Plan Presentation

Your Financial Plan and Wealth Management Assessment are delivered. Recommendations are discussed and implementation steps are reviewed. Investment philosophy is discussed and if appropriate, your input is solicited for the creation of your Investment Policy Statement.

Step 5: Plan Implementation

Financial Planning should always be viewed as an ongoing, lifelong process. Clients may choose to implement their financial plan independently or through GFA's Wealth Management Process which includes our investment management services.

Step 6: Ongoing Wealth Management

The Wealth Management Process is administered through regular progress meetings. It involves initial implementation and subsequent maintenance of the clients’ financial plan in conjunction with the management of the clients’ investment portfolio. The order in which plan recommendations are implemented will vary according to individual client circumstances and priorities. Mettings in the first year are usually quarterly and a typical progression might take place as follows:

• First Progress Meeting - Review and implementation of Investment Policy Statement.

• Second Progress Meeting - Review of portfolio reporting. Review and implementation of insurance and emergency reserve recommendation. Review of debt management.

• Third Progress Meeting - Review of portfolio performance. Review and implementation of estate planning strategies.

• Fourth Progress Meeting - Review of portfolio performance and update of financial projections as required. Re-scoring of your Wealth Management Assessment.

In the second year and thereafter, frequency of progress meetings is determined by mutual consent. In no event will progress meetings be scheduled less frequently than semi-annually. Areas that may be addressed each year include investment performance review, income tax review, Wealth Management Assessment update, and Financial Plan revision.

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